2019 NAIA Service Competition

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Become a Champion of Charity and help us in unifying students in the NAIA through service! We are focused on the small personal connections and revelations brought to us through service and we want to instill the sense of caring for others in the heart of every student. Join us today to help us in our mission of unifying all students through their journey of becoming a Champion of Charity.

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Step 2

Meet with Champions of Charity and Helper Helper

Our goal is for your school or organization to team up with the Champions of Charity service competition as soon as possible! Once we hear from you, we will work diligently to find a time to discuss the ins and outs of the competition and how Helper Helper’s cutting edge software works. In this initial call, we will walk-through the competition framework, the Helper Helper platform, how to introduce the initiative in your school/organization, and what we need to establish a partnership with you!

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Step 3

"Let's go!" 

At this point, after we have discussed optimal integration, its time to put us to work! We are committed to making sure introduction runs smoothly and we will work one on one with your organizer to keep up with the competition as it progresses. 

One thing to remember is that community service should be fun. Helping others is a joyful experience that should be embraced. So now that we've successfully partnered with you, have fun and let's go!